Download Nopistons app on Play Market


At first, please download our app for Android from Google Play Market. Here is the link.

First connection

After application is being installed, you can connect compression tester to your smartphone.


Always connect data cable in shown order: compression tester first, smartphone last. Otherwise your smartphone will not turn power supply on to compression tester.

Just after connection you should confirm all prompts


There should be 2 promts. First will gain application access to external device, second one activates application autostart when external device connected.

After confirming you will see clear application window, and message that you can start compression inspection right now. Just disconnect data cable and turn off application for now.

Note: do not keep tester connected to smartphone more than needed. Device getting power supply from your smartphone, so, when connected, smartphone battery will discharging faster than usual.

Compression inspection

Before starting inspection you should made some preparations:
* 1. Check that car battery is fully charged. Recharge it if necessary.
* 2. Warm up the engine to the normal operating temperature, then stop it.
* 3. Remove front and rear leading-side spark plugs.
* 4. Disconnect ignition and emission relays or fuses
* 5. Turn pressure sensor in front rotor housing spark plug by hand.
* 6. Turn data cable to your smartphone, app should start automatically, and inform you that everything is ready for test.

* 7. Fully depress the accelerator pedal and crank the engine for 5-10 seconds. While you cranking the enine, progress bar in application will filling. Once it will raise the end, stop cranking.
* 8. Disconnect data cable and save result for front rotor housing.
* 9. Repeat procedure from **5.** item for rear rotor housing.
* 10. Reinstall fuses or relays disconnected at item **4.**
* 11. Reinstall sparkplugs and high tension leads.

Understanding the results

Just you finish measurement process, or open recent result from history, you will got window like this.

Here you can see graphical view of air pressure fluctuation in engine combustion chamber during cranking.
If you touch graph, you can change selected region.

Numbers in right bottom corner will indicate compression of three combustion chambers and engine speed during cranking for selected region.

By touching this numbers you can toggle display of real measured compression and compensated values at 250 rpm.

Device requirements

To use our compression tester you need any Android powered portable device meeting minimal requirements.

Android 4.0 or higher
USB OTG support



IQ440 - не работает :!: (не поддерживает USB OTG)

Ascent P6

Xperia S

Redmi note 2